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Hello, I have decided to create this site for all of us out there who enjoy the "Fantasy Combat Book Game of Lost Worlds" and other games like it. This is an unoffical site for all of us to find information that is no longer available to us, now that there are no other sites online other than for the purchase of the game.

I hope here we will be able to trade and pass on information about the game.
In the future I hope we can also run some events of our own via e-mail. Enjoy!

Time Line
11 J U L 2001   The first day of this web site. I have added a lot of pic's of book covers.
13 AUG 2001   I now have copies of my compiled lists of books, accessories, spell & fantasy cards.
                           I have added a lot of pic's of book covers including Battlebooks.
16 MAY 2004   I have corrected the e-mail problems on this page.
                           I have cleaned up the list of books page.
                           I have also added a few things to the List of Books page.
08 MAR 2005   I have added 1% Inspiration Games to the List of Books page.

Check This Out
I have contacted Flying Buffalo to find out what I can about Alfred Leonardi (designer of the Lost Worlds Game System) and Greysea LLC.

I know Graysea is gone... is there any word if Leonardi will be coming back to the web anytime soon?

I don't think Alfred even has an email address anymore, but his son in law is planning to restart the business I think. Sadly I just changed computers and my address book is on another computer. I'll try to forward this to him so he can respond.

Lost Worlds Books that have never been printed...
Nova-1015 Giant Goblin w/ Sword & Shield
Nova-1016 Winged Gremlin
Nova-1017 Cleric w/ Magic Staff
Nova-1018 Man w/ Morningstar
Nova-1403 Samuari w/ Naginata
Nova-1404 Ninja w/ Kyotetsu-Shogi
Nova-1501 Man w/ Net & Trident
Nova-1502 Man w/ Gladius
Nut   -4001 Robin Hood
Nut   -4002 Little John
FBI   -8606 Philthig, Goblin w/ Scimiter
FBI   -8608 She Wolf, Farm Girl w/ Wolf Companion
???  -???? Ravage Cyberwolf (2 Blue Book copies were made that I have heard of.)

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